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Mindful Movements / Yoga Therapy

Balance, Stretch, Breathe, De-Stress, Energize

An intelligent, balanced form of movement, linking body, mind and holy spirit through meditation, stretching, balancing, postures, strength, and breathing. Eclectic styles for all fitness levels.  Private or small group yoga sessions include breathing exercise along with relaxation and meditation. 

What can YOGA do for me?
~ Improve flexibility
~ Manage your weight
~ Lose weight  (Really!  Try our "Yoga 4 Weigh Loss Program")
~ Strengthen spine & muscles
~ Correct posture
~ Ease back pain
~ Create balance & grace
~ Sharpen concentration
~ Relieve stress & tension
~ Relax
~ Boost immune function
~ Increase body awareness
~ Fend off aging
~ Improve quality of sleep
~Guiding and controlling your breath for pain relief
~Rejuvenate and More!

"Van is an incredibly caring and knowledgeable leader who can bring out the best in an individual without pressing them to overextend. Van, because of your compassionate care for me I now  understand the value of regular exercise and find that the practice of yoga fits the bill with me. Don't ever stop.  This is truly a calling on your life.  You are a healer my dear...a healer indeed. 
Melina P.  Sacramento, CA  

"Van, I thank God for you.  I never knew I could lose weight until I dd your Yoga for Weight Loss for 6 months.  Thank you!  It's more than exercise.  God is using you in a special way.  I will take your message of health, healing and wellness everywhere I go.  And thank you for taking the time teach me to expand my mind, my soul, and my body. You are a true gift."
Tiffany S., San Deigo, California

Relax, Lose Weight, Have Fun, Feel Great!

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