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"Van, I thank God for you.  I've lost over 30 pounds.  I feel better about myself.  My health is very good and I'm never sick.  I have a lot of energy, thanks to you."
Nona Williams, Sacramento, CA

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"I was completely satisfied with the fitness accomplishments for me and my daughter.  We saw changes right away and this was very encourageing to us!  After only two weeks, my daughter 8 lbs. and I lost  6 lbs!  Van, I appreciated how you made the appropriate adjustments for my previously injured knee.  Our program was unfortunately interrupted due to a death in the family.  When we recover from some of our emotional balance, the only fitness instructor we will seek is Van! ”                 ~Paula, Elk Grove, CA

"Sister Goss,  I appreciate everything you've taught me.  Your kind words and you bright smile.  I thank God that he put you in my life.  Foever grateful."                              ~Kenya, Elk Grove, CA

 Thank you for being more than a great fitness/wellness and motivational coach, you are also my friend.  What I love so much about your fitness workout workshops is that I can feel your passion and care for us.  Thank you so much.”  ~Angie, Chicago, IL

“Van, Thanks so much for your commitment to health and wellness.  It is truly paying off for me! “    
~Deena, Elk Grove, CA

Dear Van,  Thank you so much for your time and input for the CHEETOS program at the Boys & Girls Club.  Hands on Sacramento and the youth at the Boys & Girls Club really enjoyed your yoga classes!" ~Cristina, on behalf of Hands on Sacramento, CA

 Van,  Thank you!  You've done more for me than I could ever hoped for in getting me fit.  I love the way you coach and empower me to get fit.  I have so much fun when we get together for our sessions.  You make it easy to stay committed.  My life has been changed from the inside out.  You have a power fitness ministry.  Worldwide you will be real soon.  God bless! ~Cheryl, Carmichael, CA

"Well, Van, what can I say.  I call you the "Fitness Doctor" because your knowledge of the body is amazing.  You have a passion for the people you serve.  We enjoyed your fun-filled and impactful fitness and wellness presentation for executives 2009 Wellness event.  Thank you.  ~Pam, IL

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