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Belly Fat Cure - Walking!

10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Raisins

How Your Job Affects Your Health

Don't Trash Your Temple (Your Body)

Fit In Fifteen

The Protective Power of Pears & Pear Tea!

Foods That Keep Your Mouth, Teeth and Gums Healthy

Health & Happiness

The Neck Connection To Your Health

Your Children Are Who Your Are (Healthy Lifestyles)

The Benefits of Keeping a Fitness Journal

Watermelon Works Wonders!

10 Ways Peaches Can Fortify Your Health - August is National Peach Month

Freezing Peaches:

The Slower You Breathe The Better You Feel

Happy, Healthy Hips

Reading, Writing and Relaxation 



Amazing Health Benefits of Cucumbers

10 Health Benefits of Peanuts

How Your ATTITUDE Affects Your Health

Running for Your Life for Just 5 Minutes a Day!

The Amazing Health Benefits of Baking Soda

How To Bounce Back After Your Easter Eating Binge

8 Ways To Enjoy A Happy Healthy Easter !

10 Ways To Love Your Body

A Higher Vision for Your Health

Foot Health...Don't Tiptoe Around How Important Your Feet Are

Simple Moves for Lower Back Pain

Sensory Super Snacks That Improve Your Hearing and Eyesight

7 Weird Things That Promote Weight Loss

8 Habits of Happy Couples!

Healthy Snacks That Keep Extra Pounds Away

'Tis The Season To Be Healthy!

6 Ways To Sneak In A Holiday Workout :)

How To Train Your Brain...Be Transformed

How Small Things Make A Big Difference

7 Reasons To Love Apple Cider Vinegar!

7 Healthy Benefits of Oil Pulling

5 Healthy Side Effects of Kindness

How Your Tongue Keeps You Healthy! :)

Healthy Hips!:)

The Health Benefits of Peaches:)

10 At-Home Health Remedies That Work:)

Health Benefits of Lemons:)

10 Steps on How to Lose 10 Percent of YOUR Body Weight

The Slower U Breathe The Longer You Live:)

10 Health Benefits of Kissing:)

10 Surprising Benefits of Exercise:)

6 Unexpected Ways Writing Can Transform Your Health

5 Ways To Handle Your Body With Care:)

Feed Your Hair!:),,20734150,00.html

Face Saving, Skin Saving Foods:),,20411291,00.html

The Health Benefits of Fasting:)

No More Excuses Not To Exercise

The Health Benefits of Helping Others:)

The Health Benefits of Gratitude:)

The NOSE Knows - The Benefits of a Healthy Nose:)

The Voice - Keeping Your Voice Healthy

How To Avoid Excuse Traps

Creating Your Fitness and Wellness Vision

5 Ways To Handle Your Body With Care

Cheating Yourself Out of Your Workout?

Tips For Staying Healthy During Holiday Travels

Why Being Impatient May Hurt Health and Your Heart

How To Stay Fit During The Holidays

Smiling Your Way to Good Health :)

The Health Benefits of Fasting:)

Losing Weight for All the Wrong Reasons?

The Health Benefits of Gratitude!

8 Habits That May Be Causing Back Pain

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