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Fitness Solutions is a compassionate and caring fitness and wellness company founded in 2003 by Van Goss a Fitness, Yoga and Lifestyle Coach.  Her fitness and wellness practice is located in Sacramento, California. She loves to smile and laugh as often as possible.  A fitness and wellness educator...focusing on the fitness and wellness of children, adults and families, provides private and group fitness and yoga therapy sessions, corporate fitness and wellness workshops, seminars, and other programs throughout the Sacramento area and the United States.  She is one of the  most respected and loved Fitness/Wellness and Yoga Experts.  Her vision and purpose on the planet is to empower the world to peace through movement, music, meditation and motivation.  To enjoy the journey and be grateful for the experience as well as the results. 
She is "compassion driven" when it comes to helping people reach their spiritual, fitness and life goals.


Van holds numerous certifications and awards for her work in the yoga, fitness and wellness industry.  She graduated with dual degrees in Organizational Communications and Education.  Van is also a professional singer, songwriter, composer and pianist.  She is presently working on her new Yoga for Children's Music project "Dream Big" and meditation music project "Peaceful Piano"...but wait there's more, Van is working on her soon to be released 2nd Yoga for Children's book and Yoga Unplugged for adults.


Harvard Medical School:
Lifestyle Medicine-Prescribing Exercise
Lifestyle Medicine-Osteoporosis and Bone Health
Lifestyle Medicine-Nutrition and Metabolic Syndrome

University of California Davis
2012 Diploma: Aging and Medical Science: UC Davis Mini Medical School

Certifications/Teacher Trainings
Personal Fitness Trainer/Specialist
Group Fitness Trainer
YogaFit (Levels I and II)
Yoga for Youth
Cardio Kickboxing
Senior Fitness

Completed her internship at American River College in Adaptive Physical Education Department. While completing her Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education with over six year experience in children's yoga, Van is also working on a Yoga for Children & Youth Curriculum and Yoga Fun Adventures book!  Her love for fitness and wellness started at a very young age and her passion for fitness continues to grow as does her knowledge.  She has witnessed, first-hand, many families, family members and friends suffering from ill health due to poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyles, and negative mindsets becoming spiritually bankrupt.  

A passionate, caring and powerful Motivational Speaker and Fitness and Wellness/Lifestyle Coach, with over 20 years experience in aerobic fitness, yoga and fitness business industry. 

Van and her fitness company are on a radical mission to  educate, empower and transform lives through fitness and wellness.  Her company travels the United States and world-wide conducting, life transformational fitness and well-being workshops, interactive workshops with fun-filled physical activities and calorie burning fitness programs. 

Several of her many empowering and humor-filled, life changing  workshops/seminars that are impacting all who attend, are her “Meditation/Yoga 4 Weight Loss” and "Let's PLAY" for adults and children's workshop.

One participant said, “I was laughing and having so much fun that I didn’t realize how intense the workout was!”   Another said, “Thank you Van for helping me to finally look in the mirror and see myself sexy and beautiful.”  Many call her a fitness minister because for Van, it's beyond fitness.  It's a "lifestyle."  Her premium fitness company serves the whole person, mind, body and spirit.  

Awards / Recognition:  

*Sacramento Chapter of the Links Inc., Healthy Heart Champion Award

*Editors' Pick 2010:  Best of Sacramento Award for "Best Gospel Singer 
  Who  Can Groove You Into Shape."

*2010 Gold Country Champions for Change Award



"The cure for all ills is to not sit still."















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